North Little Rock, Arkansas

Case Study

The North Little Rock Veteran’s Administration (VA) hospital underwent a major renovation and upgrade of their boiler room in late 2010. The existing boiler room was old and in need of upgrades to bring it up to standards needed for future operations. Superior Boiler Works was consulted regarding what equipment would help modernize the facility and improve operating efficiencies to maximize energy savings. SBW’s engineering team proposed a complete system that included Boilers with Condensing Economizers, a Deaerator, and a Surge Tank.

Working closely with our area representative (Energy Conservation Supply based out of Joplin, MO) the boiler and ancillary equipment chosen included the following:

  • 3 – 750 BoHP Mohican, 4-pass wetback boilers designed to 200 psig steam equipped * with Webster Engineering burners
  • 3 – Heatsponge Condensing Stainless Steel Economizers
  • 1 – 51,750 lb/hr Spray-Type Deaerator with a tank capacity of 1,230 gallons
  • 1 – 51,750 lb/hr Surge Tank with a tank capacity of 1,230 gallons

The Mohican boilers with the wetback design provide maximum operating efficiency and reduced maintenance costs over the life of the boilers thus reducing total life cycle cost considerably when compared to dryback boilers that use refractory material. The boilers packaged with the Webster Engineering burners offer optimum efficiency for their particular requirements. With the addition of the condensing economizers the boilers are equipped to operate at a higher efficiency than without them and provide for substantial future energy savings.

The boiler room at the North Little Rock VA is now a show piece and model for other hospital facilities. The boiler room is now in operation and will provide many, many years of optimum performance for the VA..

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